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Our working attitude has been our driving force and that has established a name for us both locally and internationally.

Our success has been riding on the back of these key values:-

  • Good Technical Skills: WT invests in skills development to ensure we remain above our competitors at all times. Staff are always partnered with specialist experts to develop and improve their skills. WT also encourages engineering staff to further their studies with courses and programmes to enhance self- confidence.
  • Experienced Core and Associate Staff: WT has highly experienced core staff with several years of experience in the water industry. Our associate staff also have a lot of experience in their respective fields of endeavour. WT ensures that its associations do not undermine its standards and engineering practices.
  • Good Working Environment: WT specialists are a family largely based on WT’s approach to maintaining sound minds of the staff by allowing an atmosphere which gives flexibility to staff when necessary.
  • Bridging the old and the new experts: One of WT’s founding pillars is one of skills sharing to ensure that we maintain our standards and also a recognizable mark on projects associated with WT. The old experts share their experience while they pick up the new technology from the new experts.
  • On time delivery: WT’s recognizable mark on projects is on time delivery. This we achieve through prudent management structures.
  • Client Focus: WT maintains a healthy relationship with its clients in order to be able to develop and implement projects to clients' satisfaction.
  • Results Driven: WT’s strategy is directed towards generating the technical and financial results required to ensure the continuity and growth of the company.


  • Tiger
    Accra Drains Improvement Project.
  • Projects
    Water Supply Sector Rehabilitation Project
  • Butterfly
    Nsawam Water Supply Rehabilitation and Expansion Project.
  • Butterfly
    Onyasia and Mataheko Drains Construction.
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